Southern Champion Tray People and Culture:
“Building a team of driven performers seeking a positive and challenging work environment.”

Vision: Southern Champion Tray will be a known, preferred employer within the communities in which we operate, while maintaining steady employment in a union-free environment.
Mission: Southern Champion Tray will strategically partner with and serve our customers by:
·       Building upon Southern Champion Tray’s culture, while fostering an enjoyable community of trust and respect;
·       Attracting, developing, and retaining a highly competent and diverse workforce; and
·       Ensuring compliance and administrative professionalism.
We strive to provide development opportunities both professionally and personally.

Professionally: With an emphasis and training on innovation and problem solving we are able to provide value to our customers and growth opportunities for our team members through regular internal job promotions, apprenticeship programs, and leadership opportunities (i.e. safety team, wellness team, emergency response team, 401K committee, etc.).
Personally: We are committed to providing opportunities for our team members and their families to build strong family foundations, live healthier lifestyles, and stay active in the community. Our opportunities include marriage conferences, confidential counseling and an onsite wellness center.
*An Equal Opportunity Employer and Drug-Free Workplace*


Corporate Office, Stock Products Division and Chattanooga Custom Division:
Located at 220 Compress Street in Chattanooga, TN, this operation manufactures our entire stock line of paperboard packaging, in addition to a wide range of custom plain and printed products, specializing in sheet-fed offset lithography, central impression flexographic printing and high speed die-cutting.

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Distribution Center:
Located at 3480 Amnicola Highway in Chattanooga, TN our distribution center warehouses over 400 stock products, readily available for delivery by our private trucking fleet. Our private trucking fleet provides reliability, timeliness, and high quality service to our customers. Our dependable transportation system reaches the entire United States on a regular basis. Contract and ocean freight carriers are used to expedite orders to export customers.

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Custom Division:
Located at 949 South Sixth Avenue in Mansfield, TX (just outside Dallas/Fort Worth), with an emphasis on custom products, this operation produces high quality sheet-fed offset lithography for a wide variety of commercial, institutional, and industrial markets. 

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