• Guarantab™ Tamper Evident Boxes

Guarantab™ Tamper Evident Boxes

Fort Knox in a box! Introducing our tamper evident to-go box, an ideal packaging choice for food delivery services. This box is made with a tamper-evident, patent pending design that securely locks the container, so you and your customers know that your food will arrive in the same condition it left. The easy-to-pack container is strong and stackable, saving space. The extended sidewalls and unique closure design provides a tightly sealed, leak-resistant box. The simple design is perfect for white tablecloth restaurants or red check diners. The product works great with all kinds of food, like sandwiches and fries, steak and edamame, or rice and beans. This box is also a great, sustainable alternative to 9 x 9 styrofoam clamshells. Made from premium SBS paperboard.
For more details about why tamper evident packaging is needed, visit  guarantab.com.

Item # Size Case Quantity
9 x 9 x 3-1/4 (in)
22.9 x 22.9 x 8.3 (cm)